Microsoft created their components to work together — DBP can help you leverage the power of the entire SQL Server and .NET Framework product families.

Business Intelligence
Database Architecture and Planning

Data warehouse creation from SQL Server, Oracle, and proprietary financial systems. We have created comprehensive reporting infrastructures using Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS), and Analysis Services (SSAS), enabling business users to easily query billion-row tables using SharePoint, custom-built front end tools, existing web apps, and Excel pivot tables.

Deployment and support of SQL Server clusters and mirrors on Windows Server 2000, 2003, and 2008 using SANs, NAS devices, traditional DASDI, and Solid State Disks. We have helped clients create intricate database backup and restore plans, log shipping, and change management infrastructures for vital database applications.

Performance Tuning

Custom .NET Development

Expert troubleshooting and performance tuning for SQL Server based applications using SQL Server Profiler, Management Studio, and advanced indexing techniques. We have created solutions that cut query and load times by factors of 100 or more on clients’ existing hardware.

More complex environments often need custom code to make all of their components work together in an automated manner. At DBP, we have written C# applications and SharePoint Web Parts to configure and manage intricate data loading systems, act as reporting portals for logging or auditing, perform secure FTP and PGP encryption, and to extend Reporting Services. Almost anything is possible.